MBA / NBA Fixtures/Results

May 1stSatCupLlanhillethA3 pm4769
May 5thWedNBABelle VueA6 pmpostponed
May 8thSatCupBlainaH2.30 pm
May 12thWedNBAFirbankH6 pm484212
May 15thSatCupNew TredegarA3 pm
May 19thWedNBACaerleonA3.pm47592
May 22thSatCupNewbridgeH2.30 pm
May 26thWedNBAStandardH6 pm
June 2ndWedNBAFirbankA6pm
June 5thSatMBACaerleonH2.30 pm
June 12thSatMBAPanteg PkA3 pm
June 16thWedNBASt. JuliansA6 pm
June 19thSatMBAFirbankH3 pm
June 23rdWedNBACaerleonH6pm
June 26thSatMBAPontymis WelH2.30 pm
June 30thWedNBABelle VueH6 pm
July 3thSatMBABlaenavonA3 pm
July 7thWedBye
July10thSatMBAYnysdduH2.30 pm
July 14thWedNBASt. JuliansH6 pm
July 17thSatMBAOakdaleA3 pm
July 21stWedCupTerry YoungstownTBA
July 24thSatMBAPanteg PKH2.30 pm
July 28thWedNBABeechwoodA6 pm
July 31stSatMBAFirbankH2.30 pm
Aug 4thWedNBACaerleonH6 pm
Aug 7thSatMBAPontymi WelA3 pm
Aug 11thWedNBAStandardA6 pm
Aug 14thSatMBABlaenavonH2.30 pm
Aug 18thWedNBABeechwoodA6 pm
Aug 21stSatMBAYnysdduA3 pm
Aug 25thWedNBANACH6 pm
Aug 28thSatMBAOakdaleH2.30 pm
Sept 4thSatMBACaerleonA2.30 pm
Sept 10th to Sept 13thFriday to SundayClub Tour to Torquay
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