NBA Team to play Firbank on Wednesday at HOME Start 6pm. Meet at ground by 5-30pm. Dress Code:- Greys/Club Shirts  Playing Triples 15 ends

M.Sherman, R.Thomas, P.Hurley

R.Jukes, T.Bingham, S.Mitchell

W.Hancox, L.Pearce, M.Lee

R.John, K.Skidmore, M.Rigby

Res:- J.Dayton, B.Crafter, R.Powell

Team to play New Tredegar AWAY in Carruthers Cup Start 2-30pm Meet at Club by 1-30pm. Dress Code:- Greys/Club Shirts Playing Triples 18 ends

J.Dayton, A.J.Taylor, P.Hurley

R.Jukes, G.Maddicks, S.Mitchell

K.Skidmore, M.Rigby, M.Lee

W.Hancox, G.Berry, N.Berry

Res:- J.Rumsey