NBA Game Away to Belle Vue on Wednesday 24th April 2019 Start 6pm meet at Belle Vue by 5-30pm latest. Dress Code:- Greys/Club Shirts


J.Dayton, GW Jones. G.Berry, N.Berry

T.Bingham, L.Pearce, B.Crafter, D.Corten

R.Powell, T.Wesson, P.Nicholls, M.Lee

E.Storer, J.Walsh, G.Hadden, AJ Taylor

Res:- R.Thomas, J.Rumsey, C.Mason

MBA Team v Panteg House, Away on Saturday 27th April 2019 Start 3pm Meet at Whiteheads by 1-30pm, or let us know if going direct. Dress Code:- Whites/Club Shirts


G.Hadden, J.Dayton, G.Berry, N.Berry

J.Tomkins L.Pearce, G.Maddicks, B.Crafter

J.Walsh, R.Thomas, J.Rumsey, C.Mason

A.Hurley, P.Hurley, P.Nicholls, D.Corten

Res:- T.Wesson, GW Jones

Over 60s team to play Caldicot Away on Tuesday 30th April 2019 Start 2-30pm Meet at Whiteheads by 1-30pm or if going direct please let us know. Dress Code:- Whites/Club Shirts


G.Hadden, T.Wesson, GW Jones, B.Crafter

T.Bingham, R.Thomas, E.Storer, D.Corten

M.Gittings, R.Powell, J.Dayton, A J Taylor

Res:- J.Walsh, J.Tomkins